Portixol Townhouse with sea views

Portixol Townhouse for rent

There are halves. And whole things. With la23 you live in the first sea line. In absolutely stunning equipment and quality. Mediterranean design meets attention to detail. Is not that a dream? Enjoy the photos and imagine that this would be your house by the sea.

best look

Perfect alignment. Front terrace. Roof terrace upstairs. Enjoy the south!

right in front

la23 is in the first line of the sea. Directly in front of you is the bay with its sandy beach.

bestes Haus

Ihr werdet kein anderes Haus finden, das auf diesem Niveau saniert und ausgestattet wurde.

Do you like to eat by the sea?

... or the main thing is by the sea?

No cook spoils the broth so quickly ...

The cuisine is poliform Varenna, Italy. Made to measure. Stainless steel worktop . And take a look at them in detail. This is wonderful work! Open-pored walnut wood . Gaggenau stainless steel devices. Namely the 400 series . Not the 200s.

Portixol Townhouse ocean views from kitchen
Portixol Townhouse la23 - kitchen with sea views

The conceptual highlight is the stainless steel box: We had it built to make the induction field and the GUTTMANN extractor “disappear” in the small kitchen. Simply pull out the two doors that disappear sideways next to the stainless steel box and close. And where there was a wild cooking party before, there is only an elegant, reduced area.

But the real sensation is of course:

Cooking with a sea view . Or drink a café with a view of the sea if you like. That’s enough.

Do you like the light, Mediterranean style that we gave this venerable fisherman’s house?

Our projects in Molinar and Portixol are based on what is traditional architecture in the Mediterranean locations.

We then combine this with reduced lines and the latest technology. You can see, for example, that we use persianas made of real wood. Because it’s traditionally the right material. However, the windows are frameless, modern, high-quality aluminum windows.

This combination of “old” and “new” is what defines a style that creates a “home”.

We would be very happy if you see it similarly and maybe want to rent a Portixol Townhouse in the future!

The house has been rented since the beginning and the residents are very happy there. But we have projects in the making that we would like to offer you at an early stage!

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Portixol Townhouse for rent facade
Portixol Townhouse facade

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