About Portixol - fisherman or hipster?

About Portixol

Actually Portixol does not officially exist. The area of Palma that this is all about is El Molinar. And it extends from the Marina Plaza complex, which is not necessarily worth mentioning architecturally, to the next town, Ciudad Jardin. The part closer to Palma is a former neighborhood of Molinar called Portixol, or El Portitxol in Mallorquin. Then comes El Molinar itself, named after the many windmills so typical of Mallorca. Our colleague wrote a nice article about the history of this trendy district: https://de.predatorsl.com/post/die-geschichte-von-el-molinar

Portixol, the small fishing village right by the sea, is now almost more of a hipster hangout, but with a lot of charm and heart. It is probably the most popular hot spot in Palma de Mallorca.

Hipster united

The mixture of local, almost village-like serenity and the bustling trendy restaurant is sure to make this wonderful place so appealing. The whole of Palma strolls here at the weekend. But in the evenings and during the week Malloquin serenity settles over the beautiful little bay …

Sport is also possible …

The promenade invites you to take a leisurely stroll, the coastal cycle path connects the port of Palma de Mallorca with El Arenal over 20 kilometers. The entire stretch of coast is frequented by athletes and connoisseurs, countless cafes and restaurants invite you to linger. Or buy a fishing rod and see what you catch?

Old town on foot

On foot you are in the old town of Palma in 20-30 minutes, past the beautiful cathedral. Right around the corner you will find supermarkets, small grocery stores, a famous local butcher, bike rental, fitness studios and whatever your heart desires. A car is more of an obstacle in Portixol, parking spaces are in short supply in summer.

We rent beautiful lofts and apartments here, have a look!

A large selection of great homemade paellas. And right at the port. Easy and good.
Highly recommended, led by the great hostess Sabrina. You have to go!
Culinary highlight. Focus more towards the sea. Delicious. Try pulpo with sobrasada!
A great beach club, actually still on Palma's city beach. And gastronomically good.
Upscale but not aloof Italian cuisine. Very nice host!
The offshoot of what is perhaps the most famous café in Palma is now with us. Relaxed!
Dinosaur Tours Mallorca

Dinosaur Tours Mallorca

In November it rains in Palma. Not occasionally. It actually doesn’t rain every now and then. So the question arises for all families with children: “What do we do on the weekend”?

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