About us – the team 

About us - the team

About us – the team behind Predator SL. People who are passionate about architecture, design and quality!

Architects, engineers, interior designers and of course the commercial part and marketing. Get to know our team here:

About us – the team

Why aren't birds of prey always angry?

Predator shower logo

Our name sounds a bit nasty. But it is meant ironically. He originally comes from Arnd’s previous job at notebooksbilliger.de

An energy drink brand was created there as part of an employee project. The predator shower was called. Even then, it was meant ironically because the objective was to create the energy drink that tastes best. 

And who doesn’t make “wild” claims that you can fly or become a monster or whatever nonsense.

This also reflects our core values to a certain extent. We want to enjoy what we do. We want to approach our work in detail and with passion. 

And we want to love the results. 

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