An autumn walk in s’Albufera Park

Albufera Park
s´Albufera Park

S’Albufera is the largest and most important wetland area in the Balearic Islands. With an area of 1646.48 hectares, which consists mainly of wet grassland and marshland, the park is located in the municipalities of Muro and Sa Pobla. The origins of the wetland go back to ancient times and its area and properties have changed with changes in sea level.

An autumn walk in S'ALBUFERA PARK opening times
Opening times Albufera

The opening times

The park is open between April 1st and September 30th from 9am to 6pm and between October 1st and March 31st from 9am to 5pm. Entry to the park is free. Entry for dogs is prohibited.
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Pont dels Anglesos
The park can be reached on foot or by bike across the Pont dels Anglesos bridge. There is parking for vehicles along the streets that lead past the residential areas of the park or in the designated parking lot next to Pont dels Anglesos (on the Can Picafort side).
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Water is the basis for the ecological wealth of S’Albufera. The water and the moisture of the soil allow a constant growth of the vegetation, which varies depending on the water depth, proximity to the sea and the nature of the terrain. Much of the water in the park is fed by rainwater, seasonal streams and springs from underground aquifers. Although the amount of seawater that penetrates in the summer months is relatively small, this entry has significant effects on flora and fauna alike.
An autumn walk in the S'ALBUFERA PARK observation point
Observation point in Albufera Park
As for fauna, the most common fish species to be found are the eel (Anguilla anguilla) and the mullet (Chelon and Liza spp.). The Iberian moor frog (Pelophylax perezi) is common and the most common reptiles are the viper snake (Natrix maura) and the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis). The 22 species of mammals include mice, rats, and a range of bats.
The invertebrates include numerous species of dragonflies, flies, and beetles, while the number of species of moths exceeds 450.
The list of birds includes 303 different species, including 64 breeding species, a mix of residents and summer visitors. Over 10,000 birds spend the winter months in S’Albufera.
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Map s´Albufera Park
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