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Location, location, location

Buying a house in Portixol? The possibility is seldom revealed. Portixol-Molinar is certainly the most sought-after district of Palma de Mallorca. Not far from the airport , just a stone’s throw from Palma. The sandy beach with the lively promenade for you right in front of your nose. But your home is an oasis of calm.

The newly built harbor is well designed, just a few steps from your new house down the promenade with its wide variety of gastronomy and atmosphere. A 5 minute walk further is the bay of Portixol, probably Palma’s hippest district or as it is called in Spain: Barrio.

Buy a house in Portixol - Sunset Bay
Portixol - Molinar promenade

Everything on foot

The whole area has an incomparable variety of restaurants and bars. And for daily needs there are many supermarkets and also smaller shops in the immediate vicinity.

On the waterfront is also the famous bike path that connects Porto Pi in the west of Palma with El Arenal. Lots of skaters, cyclists and runners are out and about there. There are always strollers on the promenade, it’s just half an hour to Palma Cathedral. Fantastic especially when the sun is going down! And you can sit on the roof terrace of your new house and watch the hustle and bustle comfortably with a glass of wine.

Buy a house in Portixol - do sports on the promenade
Portixol - Molinar riverside cycle path

This has never happened before

As I said: You can only rarely buy a house in Portixol. One thing in the first place almost never. But there has simply never been a new building of this size and quality. I always found the little houses very beautiful, but always too small for a family or simply for a buyer with a certain demand. That’s why we were able to buy a second house at that time.

We demolished both houses and are now rebuilding them in “L” shape as one house. We have thus created the unique situation that there is always – at least during the day – sun and a view. And as a second essential point, it is no longer “just” a townhouse by the sea, but a large townhouse by the sea. Also suitable for families. And also for a life as a resident.

300m2 roof terrace

You will be delighted by the 300 square meter roof terrace. It makes it possible in a sophisticated way to create different zones and areas in which you can either bathe in the blazing sun. Or you can relax and eat in the shade. But maybe you enjoy the preparation more? No problem: Of course we build a high-end outdoor kitchen. Because we prefer an unexcited and unobtrusive luxury. But we like to block things that create quality of life. And that’s a feature that shouldn’t be missing in any house by the sea. Because you will spend a lot of time there, because that is exactly why you are looking for a house by the sea.

When does it start?

You may not believe it. But it started four years ago. We have been waiting for the building permit to be granted for over 3.5 years. Not because we made mistakes in the application. But because unfortunately it just takes so long in the areas right by the sea. If we get the building permit for this house in Portixol by the sea by the middle of this year, then we’ll get started. We expect to be ready by the end of 2023, including all regulatory approvals. The construction site has probably ended almost six months beforehand. Buying a house in Portixol – not really easy. Because the project planning and implementation alone for a house of this size will have taken 7 years in the end.

elMar house in Portixol has 4 bedrooms. The master suite is forward with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Of course, all bedrooms have an en suite bathroom.

In the front part of the house we also have the spacious living area, which extends around the courtyard with the pool to the kitchen. Not to forget there is also a garage.

Buying a house in Portixol is your dream?

This is perhaps one of the few opportunities to fulfill a dream. If this is your dream and you can afford it, talk to us. Because due to the incredibly long lead time, the offer is naturally limited. Besides that, I’ve never seen a house here sold again.

And this house will be built to a very high standard. And that’s how we measure ourselves.

So feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you without any obligation and we look forward to a nice contact!

What does the dream cost?

The price for this dream by the sea will be 6,500,000 million euros plus the ancillary acquisition costs.

The offer is non-binding.

If you would like more information, please write to us briefly.

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Why we


We live here. Some are originally from Mallorca, others from the mainland, some from abroad. But together we know the real estate market in detail.


We love real estate. And design. And technical execution down to the last perfect detail. Not everyone likes to work with us because of this. But the good ones do.


We have all the know-how internally in the team. Several architects, interior designers and technicians work for us. In addition, we always get external reinforcement.

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