Dinosaur Tours Mallorca - is it worth it?

Always wanted to go to a dinosaur show? Or have you thought, if you saw the advertisement for Dinosaur Tours Mallorca on Palma’s ring road shortly before IKEA, what that might be? In November it rains in Palma. Not occasionally. It actually doesn’t rain every now and then. So the question arises for all families with children: “What do we do on the weekend”?

My wife came across an advertisement for the Dinosaurs Tour in Palma and she ordered a few tickets online. Unit price 10 euros. We arranged to meet a couple of friends and met in a huge empty lot called Son Fusteret, on which a black industrial tent stood next to a circus field.

Excited, we marched into the black tent. We men in particular were really excited to see what would be going on inside the huge tent.

thick air

Once inside, we were amazed at the apparent absence of a ventilation system. In any case, it was nice and warm. Despite the lousy weather outside. In Corona times I would have preferred a bit cooler and more fresh air, but so be it! We got there early, it was still relatively empty and the warmth was very pleasant.

The dinosaurs are large plastic sculptures that are immersed in different color schemes by powerful LED spotlights. In the actually dark hall it looks quite spectacular. On top of that comes the idea of a sound designer from the tape, how this dinosaur could have roared. And most of the models still moved individual body parts up and down.

I made a short film for you, so you can get an idea for yourself:

It ran through the whole exhibition, which basically consisted of an elongated oval about 50 meters long. In the end there was the obligatory riding automaton, just with dinosaurs. I found them very sporty for what was offered at 3 euros per ride. On the positive side, the ride was so slow that even the smallest children shouldn’t be afraid. However, the dinosaurs were – logically – quite high. But above all, I found it too expensive! And then of course there was the obligatory merchandise shop in front of the exit …

As an adult you were “finished” after 5-10 minutes, the kids still thought it was fun to rummage through the sandpit for fossils and occupied themselves with the exhibition a little longer.

Is Dinosaur Tours Mallorca worth it?

Did the kids like it? Yes, that is. Would i go again? No, probably not. And is it really worth it? Let me put it this way, for 10 euros per nose I thought it was still appropriate. 

Basically, all these attractions and rides are always at least felt too expensive. I suspect because the effort behind it is high. So to always transport and set up all that stuff somewhere. Then again to make massive advertising in a new place and then move on again. Still, I didn’t get enough fascination. Another father said that it would have been awesome for him as a child. But today the world of images is so perfect. And even the bad children’s streaming series are optically high. And there are a few plastic dinosaurs just terrifyingly “fake” with their cheap light effects.

But if you see it as a children’s excursion. And don’t assume that the whole day is somehow “filled”, then that’s okay. No more and no less.

So have fun and hopefully the rain will stop soon!

You can. You don't have to. Dinosaur Tours Mallorca gives the kids a short time to have fun, but also has a lot to offer. In addition, there was the issue of Corona for me, which I think could be solved better.
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